Let us bring the Regency to you!

Have you always secretly loved the idea of attending a Regency ball? Are you looking for a unique and entertaining corporate event? Do you have a big celebration coming up? No matter what the occasion, we can help transform it into an event you will be talking about for years to come! We cater for all levels of events from a Regency social where we will mingle with your guests in full costume (and full of gossip!) to your very own Regency dance.  If you have an idea, we can bring it to Regency life.


How it works

  • We bring the party to you.  

  • Decide on whether you would like our 'Elegant Entertainment' detailed below or contact us to create your own custom event. We will provide everything to ensure your event is a success and true enjoyment for all.  

  • It is up to the host to decide on ticket prices for attendees (if for a public or corporate event).

  • Our fee is total, includes VAT and there are no hidden extras.


An Elegant Entertainment (one hour).  

What's Included:  Your Regency hosts (in full Regency dress) will welcome, entertain and engage your guests in the local goings-on and gossip of Regency life in your town or city (we research specifically to the location of the event). Three to four Regency dances will be taught to your guests (fear not, for they are easy to learn) and then performed with the exquisite talents of Miss Heyrick on the recorder. We can also offer optional segments on etiquette; the language of the fan; Regency games and songs for learning or just listening to.

Just enough for a taste of Regency life and music but also enough to leave you wanting more!

This usually costs in the region of £250 but may need to include travel expenses if outside of Brighton.

Your own custom Event: 

Let us know what you would like to create and let us help you make that happen!  We can cater for any group size and tailor the format of the event to suit your specific requirements.  We have worked successfully with crowds of over five hundred people, but can work just as well with m,uch smaller groups of twenty to thiry. Simply contact us and let us know more and we can help you create the day or evening of your dreams!

Regency food and drink available on request.